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Our 'Green' Mission

Environmental responsibility: “The right thing to do”

The Bytec team preparing for a land application.

In the “old” days, dairy producers disposed of byproduct waste however they could, sometimes in ditches and quarries, creating environmental hazards that we didn’t even fully understand. Today, as Wisconsin’s leading dairy wastewater recycler, Bytec has harnessed both the technology and the passion to protect our environment and make crop production more efficient. We are committed to strict adherence to all DNR regulations and industry best practices.


Hauling Food Production Liquid Waste

We safely haul liquid waste – whey, wash waters and rinses. We can store up to 4.5 million gallons in our storage facilities.

Land Application

The dairy production byproducts are then transformed into micronutrient-rich fertilizer for crop growers. We cover thousands of acres each year.

High-Powered Cleaning

Our 4,500-gallon, high-volume and positive displacement blower/vacuum unit makes quick work of tough cleaning jobs. Our high-pressure jetting trailer makes in-plant and line cleaning a breeze.


Steve and Mona with trade show booth.
Latest News

Bytec at the 51st Annual Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association Conference in Madison.


Bytec employs 35 of your neighbors and returns millions of dollars to our local communities each year.

Our Other Hobby

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Bytec also provides municipal land application and digester and plant cleaning.

Fun Fact

Bytec developed a computer-based reporting system to monitor and report land applications to the state. This innovation has been adopted by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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