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Supporting Wisconsin Agriculture


Since 1983, Bytec Resource Management has helped agricultural food producers safely haul liquid byproduct waste and has provided growers with effective, natural fertilizer solutions to improve both the quantity and quality of crops. We recycle waste that would otherwise be a nuisance and turn it into a positive benefit for farmers throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Meet the Byrnes

Stephen Byrne (center), with sons David (left) and Peter (right) are among Bytec’s total staff of 35.

Community Commitment

Being a good employer and supporting local causes is an obligation we take seriously.


In 1982, farm commodity pricing had fallen so low that the U.S. Government paid some farmers in grains and cottons to leave part of their lands idle.


Learn more about what we do and its positive impact on agriculture and the environment.

Our heavily-diluted land application solution returns natural micronutrients to the soil for healthier growing conditions. The high nitrogen and high potassium content spurs great microbial action in the soil before crops are planted, which can improve both yield and crop quality.

It’s certainly more cost-effective; Bytec’s land applications cost growers nothing. Our recycled solution makes it more environmentally friendly than many commercial synthetic fertilizers, which can deplete the nutritional content of foods.

No. The positive ions in the land application bond with the negative ions in the soil to create a magnet-like effect that keeps the solution in the soil. To be extra cautious, we won’t apply it unless there is at least three feet of soil above bedrock or groundwater. Bytec faithfully adheres to all DNR regulations that are in place to protect groundwater.

What happened to dairy waste before Bytec?