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How does Bytec’s land application service benefit farm growers?

Our heavily-diluted land application solution returns natural micronutrients to the soil for healthier growing conditions. The high nitrogen and high potassium content spurs great microbial action in the soil before crops are planted, which can improve both yield and crop quality.

Is it better than commercial fertilizer?

It’s certainly more cost-effective; Bytec’s land applications cost growers nothing. Our recycled solution makes it more environmentally friendly than many commercial synthetic fertilizers, which can deplete the nutritional content of foods.

Does the solution seep into groundwater?

No. The positive ions in the land application bond with the negative ions in the soil to create a magnet-like effect that keeps the solution in the soil. To be extra cautious, we won’t apply it unless there is at least three feet of soil above bedrock or groundwater. Bytec faithfully adheres to all DNR regulations that are in place to protect groundwater.

Why are so many trucks required for a land application?

The solution is very heavily diluted and isn’t nearly as concentrated as commercial fertilizers. So more trucks are required for an effective application.

What’s in the land application solution?

Only DNR-approved byproducts that have been proven beneficial to farmland and crops. These byproducts are derived from food-making or related processes.

Does it have an odor?

Like all agricultural waste, there is some odor that generally subsides quickly. We try to minimize odor by injecting solutions six to eight inches into land when we can. This is a more expensive process, but helps to keep odors under the surface instead of on top of it.



Fun Fact

Bytec developed a computer-based reporting system to monitor and report land applications to the state. This innovation has been adopted by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).


Bytec employs 35 of your neighbors and returns millions of dollars to our local communities each year.

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